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Rates Starting @ $399/Week


-  Weekly rates start at $399/week and $10/day after.  A fuel surcharge will be added for locations over 25 miles from our yard.

-  The weekly rate includes up to 2 tons of material, with a fee of $75/ton over 2 tons.

-  An initial payment is required before or upon delivery of the container.

-  Payment methods accepted include Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, ACH, Check or Credit Card (A %4 service fee applies to credit card payments)

2022 Discounts!!!

-  Any rental less than 2 Tons, gets a $22 discount

-  Any rental 2 Days or less, gets a $22 discount

-  Less than 2 Tons & 2 Days or less, that's a $44 discount

Container Specifications

-  11 YD container with a 5 Ton Capacity

-  Dimensions:  43" Inside Height, 55" Outside Height, 96" Overall Width, 12' 9" Overall Length

Container Fees & Usage

-  The following fees will apply:

-  $50 fee for loading the container above top edge.  We are required to tarp all loads and want to maintain safe driving conditions.

-  $100 fee for loading the container in excess of the 5 ton capacity limit.

-  $100 fee for any hazardous or prohibited material in the container.

-  $50 fee for same day drop-off or pick-up cancelations.

-  $75 fee for relocation of the container.

-  Prohibited materials are those that are unsuitable for containment or pose environmental concerns when disposed of at a landfill.  They include, but are not limited to:

-  Substances hazardous to health such as toxic or corrosive materials or liquids.

-  Wet Concrete

-  Asbestos, medical waste, radioactive waste, paint, gases, fluorescent tubes, batteries, refrigerators, PCB ballasts, explosives, ammunition, anti-freeze, insecticides, pesticides, oil, acids, etc...

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